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Here You can find the SAI’s history in brief that can be useful to appreciate our new enterprises, to understand inspiration and high sense of respect for an important tradition.

In the twenties of last century, through some companies’ changements, was established the Società Aeronautica Italiana Ing. A. Ambrosini & C. with the main aim of designing and constructing aeroplanes; the stategy of that time demanded to move the 50% of national aeronautic production from north Italy to the south of Appennini and SAI Ambrosini assumed this commitment producing thousands of planes on license and of its own conceiving.

During the II World War, in Passignano s/Trasimeno between Arezzo and Perugia, were constructed Macchi MC200 and MC 202 Folgore fighters that gave to the pilots of Italian Royal Air Force a great supremacy in many battles with enemy fighters.

SAI Ambrosini, in the neighbouring Fighters School Of Castiglione del Lago, tested many advanced planes, like SS4 – first formula canard fighters – and the famous Ambrosini S-7 and Super 7 took-off for the first time from the same runway; In the ’50 the Sagittario was constructed in Passignano, a supersonic plane which was examined for acceptance by NATO.

 For more of 30 years SAI continued pioneeristic experience of SIAMIC becoming the centre of a well-know flying-school for seaplanes and some of most renowned pilots who flew across the Atlantic in 1928 graduated there.

The seaplanes and know-how in light alloy manufacture acquired in aeronautic construction inspired the SAI Ambrosini Nautic Division that builded  advanced racers.

The SAI Nautic Div. realized many boats for civil and military use; for private customers SAI builded many sailing and motor boats and, about the first, are unforgettable Yena – first for a long time in IOR competitions and coming out undamaged from Fastnet in 1979 -, Dida, Carina Von Forele, Pacific, Doctor Faust, Emeraude, Il Moro di Venezia – in light alloy completely -, Longobarda – first maxi in carbon-kevlar – and, specially,  on july 19th 1982  was launched Azzurra, the most famous sailing boat  builded in Passignano.
With this 12 metres designed by Andrea Vallicelli, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda challanged America’s Cup with  famous Cino Ricci and Mauro Pellaschier winning 25 on 49 Newport regattas.

Thank to the book “Ali sul Trasimeno”, written by Mr Gregory Alegi and Mr Paolo Varriale, to day we know many about the history of  Scuola Caccia di Castiglione del Lago and SAI Ambrosini; I invite You to read this book.

Many and many were the adventures, the experiments and the technical solutions used for the first time in nautic constructions, like the advanced Silveray, a pleasure craft catamaran in light alloy of 12 mts loa that as “high speed racing”, with 2 Lamborghini engines of 630 Hp each, had a maximum speed over 90 miles/h .... this happened at the end of ’80.

Silveray was a mixture of  aeronautic technologies applied to the watercraft and the best know-how in off-shore field...... was an unicum .... was the first power boat for pleasure use.

Project  had not a great success, was too much advanced for the ’90 probably or because in the ’91-’92 shipbuilding ceased all the activities.

In 2003, a series of  opportunities permitted us to register SAI Ambrosini brand beginning again the tradition of the ancient company.

T.A. Tecnologie d’Avanguardia Sas, referring to the original activities of SAI specialized in equipments and aeronautical materials for the first planes of ‘900, started with the new production of Customized Watches SAI Ambrosini becoming supplier of Italian Air Force, of Army Corps, Governative Agencies and prestigious civil Companies.
To day SAI Ambrosini Watches are used by pilots and exacting clients worldwide.

This first positive experience excited us to continue and in 2008  decide .....to plunge into the sea  designing the new Silveray, a catamaran of 14 mts loa.
Silveray K45 is a fast weekend cruiser that we have introduced a preview in Cannes and Genova Exhibitions of last year receiving interest and appreciation.

We prefer the Al alloy as building materials of the hull,  renewing tradition and supremacy thank to the new technologies.
The material qualities, its lightness and life permit to design advanced solutions with great safety-margin.

The light alloy heps us to choose the right body lines for the best trim in every sea conditions, to optimize the interiors and to have a rational deck.
Lightness, comfort, an hybrid propulsion and other advanced solutions make this naval work fully compatible with the environment, a wise equilibrium between an human expression and the Nature.

T.A. Sas, SAI Ambrosini patentee, is a laboratory operating in advanced fields in accordance with many companies;  T.A. Sas seeks to specialists, important technical advisors and university centre for many projects entrusting the production to capable shipbuilding and companies operating under its direct sourvillance.... a winning choice that permit a high quality, right costs and right delivery time.

Our web site is under construction but You can visit us periodically to have a state of art, You can find news and contact us for every question or to express Your opinion .... we are gratefull to read having in great consideration Your precious contribution


Giovanni Sebastiano Giannotti  

President & CEO